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On Track EvaluatioN

What is it?

  • An annual developmental assessment for children with cerebral palsy, age 18 months to 12 years old


What is included?

  • 90 minute evaluation includes comprehensive standardized assessment of

    • Balance

    • Range of motion

    • Strength

    • Gross Motor Function

    • Endurance

    • Impact of Health Conditions Associated with CP in daily life

    • Participation in Family and Recreational Activities

    • Performance in Self-care Activities

  • 60 minute follow up appointment to share findings and collaborate together for a focused, individualized plan throughout the next year


Why should we do it?

  • Provides an annual check-up to visualize and understand how your child is doing compared to similar level peers with CP and how your child is doing over time

  • Provides a check-in to explore new possibilities, prioritize areas of focus and guide next steps

  • Collaboration with family, treating therapists and medical professionals regarding findings and plan of care

  • Read more about the research and evidence behind On Track here

  • Watch this Video about the impact of On Track from parents' perspectives 











"My son underwent an On Track evaluation by Marcella. She was very thorough, communicated with empathy and addressed every one of my concerns while uncovering points of concern that I was unaware of.  Marcella has a clear passion for therapy and is a wealth of knowledge. Our son has seen significant developmental improvements since applying the suggestions she made following our On Track evaluation."  

-Family in Seattle

“As a rehabilitation clinician who evaluates and treats individuals with cerebral palsy, the On Track assessment is a powerful tool that informs my evidence based practice. It has become an integral part of my practice allowing me to tailor my recommendations for the individual client, and allows me track my client’s growth and progress over time. The results of On Track assessment has allowed me to have richer and more in-depth discussions with families about goals of care as well. I am grateful to have such an evidence based resource to refer to that allows me to practice individualized precision medicine.”


John "Forrest" Bennett, MN ARNP | Nurse Practitioner

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation | Mary Bridge Children’s

What does it cost?

  • $500 includes both visits

  • Financial assistance available

  • Covered by some insurance plans (invoice provided for possible reimbursement)

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