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What is intensive therapy?

  • Focused therapy to reach highly specific goals 

  • Increased and customized frequency based on your needs ​​

Why choose intensive therapy?

  • Quantity + Quality Practice = Accelerated motor learning and change

  • Research supports that intensive therapy is effective to gain strength, balance, endurance, and learn a new skill

  • Changes are both immediate and long term

​ ​

Intensive therapy may be right for the following kids:

  • Highly motivated to learn and have the potential to move quickly toward goals

  • Recently undergone a medical procedure, such as tendon lengthening, serial casting, orthopedic correction, or Botox injection and are cleared by the physician to start therapy

  • Going through a growth spurt or time of rapid change

  • On the verge of learning a new skill like crawling, walking, or climbing

After the intensive session has ended, kids have the opportunity to integrate new skills into their home, school, and community environments. They come back to PT and OT when ready to work toward another targeted goal.

Please contact us to learn more about Intensive Therapy

Here is a look at one of our Explorers before and after his intensive session (3x/week for 2 weeks).  

Age: 6 years old

Goal: To play soccer in the fall 

Treatment focus: Power, speed and control of left leg for kicking 

 He is now ready for the soccer field!!  GOAL MET!

BEFORE: kicking cones

BEFORE: kicking cones

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AFTER: 10 days after PT Intensive

AFTER: 10 days after PT Intensive

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